Top 8 Apps for Accurate Budgeting

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your budget planning is. Whether it’s curiosity, a desire to allocate funds wisely, or to save money, you’ll probably need a special app. The most convenient way is to keep it always at hand, on your smartphone. Here are the best apps for expense accounting that will surely help you.

Monefy: control expenses and minimize waste

An app with the simplest interface. After launching, a large circle appears on the main screen, where income and expenses will be displayed. The latter are classified into categories – select the appropriate icon (clothes, food, taxi, sports, gifts, pets, etc.) and specify the amount.

You’ll be entering the data manually, by the way. A large plus sign at the bottom of the screen indicates income, and a minus sign indicates expenses. It is possible to state the method of receiving funds: cash or electronic transfer.

You can choose the currency yourself. Dollar, euro, pound sterling, rupee, dirham, and dozens of other options are there for you to choose.

For those who want to unlock all the options, the software developers offer a paid subscription. Among its features are:

  • Ability to create your own categories and choose icons for them.
  • Absence of ads.
  • Synchronization with several devices.

If this is your first app, the basic functionality of the free version will be enough.

Money Flow: smart features for beginners and advanced users

This app is available for iPhone users. Immediately after launch, it offers to create a demo account. This is a kind of instruction that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the basic functionality and adjust the settings.

Money Flow displays general statistics of income and expenses for a month, a year, and the entire period of using the software, as well as information by day. In the report line, you can see a pie chart showing the percentage and exact amount of expenses for each category.

Among other options:

  • Ability to accurately plan your budget and set goals.
  • The function of adding a photo to each transaction (you can take a picture of a receipt or other information).
  • Repeat function to avoid entering monthly payments manually.

On the downside, most categories are paid – you will have to buy a subscription.

Moneon: debt counter, family budget, and more

This financial planner is characterized by simple management and a good variety of options. Unlike the previous one, Moneon categorizes expenses for free. There are dozens of sections: from the usual purchases in a local store to beauty salons, pet food, parking, and car maintenance costs.

The developers decided to make more interesting features payable:

  • Family budgeting: you can add users to the app and maintain overall records.
  • Debt monitoring: for you to keep track of your obligations and debtors in a separate tab.
  • Downloading reports: you can generate a report for a certain period in the form of a table or PDF file, so that you can download it to your smartphone as a reminder or even print it.

The price for this set of features is $2 per month.

Bills Monitor: a program that makes it impossible to miss regular payments

The app’s interface resembles Android smartphone menus of the past: square icons and minimalist design.The functionality includes the distribution of expenses for mandatory payments: mortgage, utility bills, repairs, loans, taxes, insurance. There are everyday categories for food, pets, children, etc. For each payment, you can set reminders for a day, several days, or a week. This won’t allow you to miss a payment.

Like previously mentioned financial accounting apps, Bills Monitor comes with paid features. Bills Monitor Pro is $0.99.

CoinKeeper: control, accumulate, and receive reports

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter this app is its colorful interface. Yellow circles indicate accounts, and green circles indicate the categories where money is spent. To record an expense, just drag the yellow circle to the green one and specify the amount. It’s an interesting approach – something to get used to.

In addition to accounting, CoinKeeper allows you to set goals. Just write a name and specify the amount – the replenishment algorithm is identical to the one for entering expenses.

Money Lover: a multifunctional tool for those who have a goal

To use this app, you need to specify the main goal: tracking payments, managing debt, cutting expenses, or saving. You can choose only one option.

One of the convenient features is setting spending limits. It is enough to enter the amount for each category, and at the end of the month, you can see if you have fit within it. The paid version of the app removes all restrictions and ads, and allows you to export data.

Expensify: minimum actions, maximum efficiency

This is a money-saving app that lets you take photos of receipts to quickly track all transactions. There is a quick button with a camera image in the lower right corner of the screen. The amount of manual data entry is kept to a minimum, which means you can enter all the information on the fly.

Among the unusual options is the ability to track the distance traveled by car and gasoline costs. You just need to enter the distance or track it with GPS, and the costs are calculated automatically.

Money Manager: completely free software with good functionality

This app offers many options for free that competitors offer only through subscriptions. These include scheduling expenses for a certain period, asset management, a full list of categories for sorting payments, and the ability to change the interface. The tool displays reports in the form of line graphs, calendars, and basic statistics in numbers. You can choose a convenient option and use the feature without restrictions.


Each app offers its own free and paid features, as well as special options. If you are just getting acquainted with financial accounting, pay attention to free software with a simple interface. For more detailed monitoring, you will need advanced functionality.

Also, don’t ever forget about the condition of the very device you’ve got your apps downloaded on. For it to stay in the best shape possible, make sure it is swiftly repaired by expert technicians whenever any malfunction happens. Specialists can assist in a wide range of situations, for example, providing services frequently required for devices manufactured by Apple: MacBook repair, iPhone charging port cleaning, etc. Keep this in mind and your devices will stay alive and functional for much longer!