11 week old baby care tips

11 week old baby care tips

Many parents and caregivers would be surprised to learn that babies this age can do a lot more than ever before. They can engage in basic problem-solving, look at objects carefully and even try to imitate what you’re saying or doing. But where do we start? What activities should our little ones focus on right now? 


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Babies 11 weeks old should eat anywhere from five-seven times per day at this age to get enough nutrients for healthy growth and brain development! Always offer your baby breast milk or formula first thing when they wake up since this gives them quick energy, plus it helps fill his tummy so that hunger won’t cause them any discomfort during feedings throughout the rest of the day. You can also try giving your child cereal once a week if you want but only do so after consulting with his pediatrician because this can cause diarrhea or constipation during this early stage of development. 


Feeding Tips

When it comes to 11 week old baby boy or girl feeding tips, always keep in mind that you should never force your child to eat when he doesn’t want any more food by using a bottle or nipple because babies will only take what they need from a bottle at this age which means…they might not even finish one ounce! Instead, try going back for seconds if the first time around wasn’t enough since hunger won’t be as much of an issue once his tummy is full. In addition, make sure to burp him immediately after every single feeding session no matter how long it lasts so that air doesn’t build up and cause tummy troubles later on down the road.



Your child is a lot smarter than they seem, which means it’s time to start doing brain games with them to help enhance development even further! Try playing peek-a-boo with a blanket or giving them colorful toys they can look at carefully during tummy time while laying on their back. Plus, try encouraging your little one by saying “look at me!” every once in a while because babies love attention from adults who want to engage with them as well.



Is your 11 week old baby boy or girl starting to sit up on their own? If so, congratulate them! It is a huge milestone. However, if your little one isn’t sitting yet and you want to help them work towards this goal, try sitting her in an infant seat with blankets surrounding the sides of it for support or placing pillows all around her. At the same time, she lays down on a blanketed surface to keep her from rolling over onto his tummy which could result in serious injury. 





11 week old baby boys and girls are starting to become more aware of what goes on in the world around them due to advances in brain development at this age. Try playing patty cake or peek-a-boo by covering your face when you say “where’s baby?” to entertain them and see how long they will start to giggle. 



While 11 week old babies may still only sleep from anywhere between 12-14 hours a day, they’re becoming more aware of their surroundings thanks to advances in brain development at this age which means…they might be up for an extra feeding during the night! Try putting them down drowsy but awake by patting his back gently until you hear soft whimpers instead of crying. Your little one should fall asleep on his own within five minutes or so if he doesn’t feel wholly exhausted beforehand. Make sure not to lay your child down right after feeding because this could result in a night feeding. 



11 week old babies should start to gain anywhere from an ounce a day during this period as long as they eat solid foods and have wet enough/dirty diapers within 24 hours or less. Be sure you weigh your little one before each feed to ensure they are gaining the proper amount of weight! Keep in mind that if your baby girl weighs between eight pounds four ounces- nine pounds two ounces, she’s considered average for her age, while those who weigh under seven pounds three ounces are on the smaller side and could have some issues with low blood sugar levels because it takes longer for them to get their required nutrients since they aren’t able to eat much just yet. If your little one weighs more than nine pounds eight ounces, they are considered to be on the higher end of normal and could gain up to an ounce a day before their next doctor’s appointment. 



11 week old baby boy or girl toys should be colorful, soft, and have a variety of textures to feel so that he/she can start becoming more aware of their surroundings through touch, which means…games like peek-a-boo are perfect for this age group! In addition, rattles with different sounds also help stimulate your child’s senses, plus it makes them laugh out loud too, which is always good at this stage in development. Try using a mobile above his crib that plays music since bright colors will keep them stimulated during nap time while low lights relax them afterward when you want them to fall asleep. 


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If an 11 week old baby boy or girl is being fussy, don’t let it bother you too much because this means that he/she needs something! You can try changing his diaper to see if that makes a difference and use a pacifier for younger children who suck on them to calm down. In addition, make sure not to pick him up every single time since this could stop him from growing into an independent child, leading your little one to cry even more when they want attention, and you aren’t around.

Remember that every 11 week old baby boy or girl is different, so keep track of his/her progress each month to see how he/she progresses through the first few months as a little one.