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Northeast India has many things to offer such as the only floating national park in the world, the wettest place in the world, the cleanest village in Asia, the largest women-only market in Asia, pleasant weather all year round, dowry-free areas and much more. is famous for India, the world’s first living nation, the origin of polo, etc. Today, we bring you 20 things you can only find in Northeast India, including its rich flora and fauna, unique culture, traditions and unique places. ,Such. Some of you may already know this, but you may be surprised at what Northeast India is known for.

1.  The village of Mawlynnong is the cleanest in Asia.

Yes! Asia’s cleanest village is in India. Maurinong is located in Meghalaya. It is located near the Bangladesh border in the Eastern Khasi Hills district. You might think of a very nice highway, an elegant looking house, but that is not the case. Village cleanliness, waste management and environmental considerations are important. Awarded in 2003. Whenever you visit Meghalaya or North East India, don’t forget to visit this place. In general, Meghalaya is very nice and clean. The village of Maurinong certainly makes North East India famous in the world.


2. The entire Northeast is dowry-free

For non-Indians, the dowry is a terrible system that requires the bride to give the groom a large amount of money.This system has caused so many family problems that parents-in-law are forced to pay for a small dowry. treated the bride badly. Although no longer officially allowed, it is still widely practised in most parts of India. Fortunately, the entire northeastern part of India is dowry-free and dowry-free at all. ‘Dower Free’ is one of the most important and unique cultures that North East India is famous for.

3. The world’s only national park that is afloat

Oh oh! You heard me right: The landmass of Keibul Lamjao National Park floats around the famous Loktak Lake in Manipur in the Bishnupur district, which is also the largest freshwater lake in the northeastern region. It is also the only habitat of Sangai deer. Sangai live only in this park. Many people have tried to feed the deer elsewhere, but without the animals dying. Please visit this wonderful place.

4. You can travel abroad without a passport.

I’m not deceiving you by saying that. Indians visiting the border town of Moreh in Manipur can cross into Myanmar (Burma) without a passport at Nanfang Bazaar in Burma. Even multi-day visits to Burma are permitted without a passport. However, if you are a foreigner, you will need the usual appropriate documents. Make sure you haven’t messed with permissions. If you lose something, know that Myanmar has some strict rules. 5. Enjoy the Myanmar Water Festival.

When we talk about what Northeast India is famous for, you might be wondering why Myanmar. But this I have to mention. Known locally as Tinyang, the Water Festival is celebrated as the Buddhist New Year. The way it is celebrated is similar to the Tomato Festival in Spain. It will be held in mid-April. If you are in Manipur at this time of year, go there and try to participate in Myanmar’s fresh water.

6. The world’s first organic state – the one North East India is famous for

Do you think it’s the world’s first 100% organic state? Tip: Temi Tea Garden is beautiful. Again, Sikkim is the first country in the world to go completely organic. Beating her 52 other states around the world to accomplish this feat. It is not only about the use of organic fertilisers, but also about lifestyle changes and waste management in the state.

7. Everyone Knows Assam Tea – What North East India Is Famous For

Assam tea is famous not only in India, but all over the world. If you travel through Assam during the day, you can see tea plantations that stretch for miles throughout the state. Assam tea and Assam oil are his two major exports in the state. Northeastern Assam tea is famous all over the world. Purchase pure and original tea while you are there. 17. All NE countries have national borders, which are of great importance to national security.

The region shares 5,182 kilometres (3,220 miles) of international borders (approximately 99% of the total geographic boundaries). With formidable rivals like China and Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh has become strategically important to properly manage the region. Thailand, the Philippines, and Myanmar are also called the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia because of the drug problem. Manipur is famous for drug-related routes including the border town of Mole. For a good and thriving India, this area of the world needs to be completely preserved.

8. Majuli is the largest river island in the world – what northeast India is famous for

A river island on the Brahmaputra River is called Majuli. It has been declared by Guinness World Records to be the largest river island in the world. It is also on the Tentative List of UNESCO Sites in the World. Majuli has developed into a full-fledged district with approximately 1,60,000 inhabitants. One of the most popular tourist destinations is it.Try it out in one of the beautiful tourist huts available for rent.

9.SandakPhu Hiking

SandakPhu his trek is at an altitude of 11,930 feet and is popularly known as ‘Trekker’s Wonderland’. Four huge mountains – Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu – limit this trek. This trek descends from the Kanchenjunga Mountains and follows the famous Singalila Ridge, which lies at the southern end of the long ridge that forms the border between Sikkim and Nepal.


This ridge, which cuts through small settlements, is perhaps one of the Himalaya’s most beautiful views. The entire trail is within Singalila National Park, a biodiversity hotspot with numerous bird species, and red pandas are rare, but not impossible to see.