Mark Warner Holidays

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Mark Warner Holidays

Mark Warner Holidays is one of the most popular European family resorts, with over 150 years of experience providing families with a holiday to remember. The mark warner holidays mark the destination has many different accommodation options that suit any budget and all ages.

That’s is good. It is good to hear. I am very happy and excited to share my personal experience of staying at mark warners holidays.

I first visited mark warners holidays for a weekend with my partner and our small baby.

The staff was very welcoming to us when we arrived, even though it was marked warner holidays mark warners holidays! Mark mark warner holidays mark warners holidays.

I enjoyed the fact that I laid out the map of Europe in front of me, and all of us decided on which country I wanted to explore first!! It’s great for kids too.

A week of sport & fun with Mark Warner holidays at Levante Resort

With Mark Warner Holidays at Levante Resort & Spa, you can enjoy a week of sport and fun, with almost endless activities.

The hotel is situated on the precious Costa Blanca South in Spain, with everything to offer for your family holiday – sand beaches, clear turquoise waters perfect for snorkeling or diving, and great food. It’s also close to many other wonderful Spanish destinations such as Valencia and Alicante, offering plenty more sights to discover.

There are different types of accommodation available within Levante resort & spa, ranging from self-catering villas, family apartments, or rooms with bunk beds.

I stayed in the room with a double bed and two single beds, which was perfect for my partner and me but would suit families too – there is even the option of having baby cots provided if needed.

I enjoyed that we could use the facilities at Levante Resort & Spa and those at mark warners holidays such as tennis courts, gym equipment, table tennis, etc.

Flight safety & resort transfers

Getting to mark warners holidays is easy with several transfer options available.

The hotel provides free transfers from Alicante Airport and other local airports such as Valencia or Murcia; select this option when booking your holiday online. The resort will take care of everything for you.

I was very impressed by how smooth these were; we booked an early morning flight, so left our apartment nice and early, but instead of having to wait around in arrivals for hours on end, I could enjoy breakfast at Levante Resort & Spa before being picked up right outside my room door!! We also used and checked their shuttle service to go into mark warners holidays, which saves us so much money (USD) in taxi fares, and having the peace of mind that they’ll be excited to wait for you on your return journey makes it easy to book everything.

I hope and be sure this post has helped you to decide where to stay next when looking for Mark Warner Holidays.


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About visiting Greece with children

I cannot recommend mark warners holidays enough if you are looking for a holiday with your family.

They have everything you could need, from tennis courts to childminding facilities at their sister hotel. If I were going on my own, I would probably choose the villa option as this includes some extra luxuries such as a private pool and jacuzzi. Still, there is also plenty of choice in terms of high standards of accommodation so whether you want to treat yourself or save money.

The best and foremost place to go in Greece with kids

Recently I got back from a week’s holiday in Greece, something I never thought would be possible with my two small children but it was brilliant and the best breakaway we’ve ever had!

We decided to go for mark warner’s holidays as they have everything you could need on-site, including childminding facilities at their sister hotel, so if mums & dads want some time out – leave your kids there!! The staff was suitable for us and friendly and accommodating, which is important when booking activities such as sailing or kite surfing etc. After these sessions, you can even organize private babysitters, perfect for parents who don’t feel comfortable leaving.

There are over 80 different types of rooms available to choose from at the resort, which also includes family rooms with bunk beds – this would be perfect for older kids or friends who want their own space but still be close enough that it’s easy to keep an eye on them when needed.

Interesting places to stay in

I’ve stayed at mark wanner holidays a few times now and have always loved the variety of places to stay, from family-friendly apartments with bunk beds right up to luxury villas.

The resort is also great if you want to save money as they offer free transfers – especially useful when arriving late after your flight has been delayed! Whether it’s staying on-site or in mark warner holiday park, I cannot recommend marking warner holidays enough for families looking for an easy breakaway filled with fun activities.

Amazing trips to Greece with kids

I was impressed with mark warner’s holidays, especially as their sister hotel offers child minding facilities so mums & dads can enjoy some time away from the kids if they want to.

The staff was also very accommodating, which is important when booking activities such as sailing etc. After these sessions, you can even arrange private babysitters, perfect for parents who don’t feel comfortable leaving them alone without any supervision! I would recommend you mark wanner holidays due to this reason and because of how much it is on-site – you cannot get bored here at all!.

Best things to do in Greece with kids

Greece is a place where you can get lost in the magic of temples, walk on water and eat world-famous Greek food. It’s no wonder why this country draws millions of tourists from all over the world every year. But what about those traveling with children? Though Greece has some great things to offer for kids, a few specific places will be perfect for your family!

First off, if you want an amazing beach holiday, then head to Almyros Beach. The sand here is soft enough for little feet, and it’s also easy to find shade under trees or umbrellas provided by local shops. Next up, we have Nydri Beach, which offers excellent watersports such as windsurfing and kayaking.


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Conclusion paragraph: 

I hope you enjoy this week of sport and fun at the Levante Resort with Mark Warner. The Greek Islands are a very amazing place to visit; take a look at our blog for more information on visiting Greece with children and family! We’ve provided some interesting places to stay and what we think is the best place to go in Greece with kids, or if you want something different, then why not consider taking one of these amazing trips to Greece without kids? Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need any help preparing pre-flight forms before your next trip abroad. As always, pregnant women must know about the risks involved when traveling during pregnancy, so make sure you read through our article on how you can prepare yourself for your flight.