rupin pass trek

The Rupin Pass Experience: A Tale of Two Backpackers


The Uttarakhand Himalayas is a mysteriously romantic place to hike, and the Rupin Trekking Route is no exception. Strolling through pastures while the snow-capped peak position played hide and actively sought with us, traversing a pass, and hiking through alpine forest areas are all extremely impressive and intriguing. Rupin Pass has been on with us to-do ranking after finishing the Roopkund Trek, in May, our wish to complete the trek came true. In addition, since this was our first hike during which we’d cross a throw, exuberance was slight this time can also visit Chopta Trek


Two Backpackers’ Tale

Everyone’s bucket list should include trekking because it is such an adventurous action. Rupin Pass Trek was one of the journeys on my bucket list, just like others. We were able to visit a Rupin pass journey in June after postponing two to three events.  trek Rupin Pass was among the most exhilarating of lives. The trek to Rupin Pass takes eight days.

Dehradun to Dhaula on Day 1

began on May 24, 2016, in Dehradun and headed toward Dhaula, the trek’s base camp. Arrived at Dhaula in Dehradun after a protracted rough ride. Dhaula is a charming location surrounded by a thick canopy of trees. Next to the crystal-clear Rupin River, tents were set up. The remainder of the afternoon was spent getting to know the trek boss and the other participants.


Day 2: Sewa – Dhaula

The following morning, freshly showered and prepared to begin the trek. The following camp was at Sewa, 11 kilometers from Dhaula. set out to hike to Sewa. A trek’s first day is always the hardest. Few people had traveled far enough to start panting. However, she soon found her rhythm and proceeded to walk without much difficulty. By noon, I arrived in Sewa and was given a hot lunch.


Day 3: Jiskun – Sewa

The following day, travel toward Jiskun began in Sewa. The Rupin river was reached after a downhill hike in the beginning. Here, quietly cross the raging Rupin River from Uttaranchal to Himachal Pradesh using a made of the wood bridge.


Jiskun, Jhaka, and Udaknal on Day 4

The following morning, a hike through an uphill trail headed towards Jhaka village. The final neighborhood on our route to Rupin Pass is Jhaka. Many schoolkids who were trying to climb uphill welcomed me with a sweet “Namaste.” Jhaka is referred to as the “going to hang village” because it appears to hang more than a cliff.


Day 5: Dhanderas Thatch – Udaknal

The trail the following day was very dissimilar from the days before.

walked in the shepherds’ footsteps. There is a lot of sheep, so I frequently wondered how they can keep track of them. At one spot, they had the impression of Santo Domingo from “The Alchemist,” constantly seeking out fresh approaches and innovations.


Chandra’s Thatch – Upper waterfall camp on day six

The journey the following day, from Dhanderas Roof to the Outer waterfall camp, was noticeably shorter. To reach the summit of the waterfall, one had to make an uphill trek. After a short climb over a few winter weather bridges, we arrived at our campground next to the Back to the roman river. were completely speechless when they saw this base camp.


The following itinerary is for Day 7: Rata Pheri, Rupin Pass, Upper Cascade Camp.

The last day—the forum day—started a little earlier than usual. reached the snowline at Yang telah Pheri camp after a steep ascent. put on with micro spikes as requested. We are currently surrounded by sizable snowfields and are no longer able to see the pastures that were in sight earlier. Getting my first look at the Rupin Pass, a tiny outcrop on the Dhauladar Scope, noticed that everything was white.


Day 8: Sangla – Ronti Gad

The final week of the trek was entirely downhill to Sangla. A small village called Sangla Kanda was reached by the trail continuing through meadows. The route to Sangla continued through the village from there. The going downhill journey was hard on the knees and ankles. However, once we arrived in Sangla, it was simply time for fun and celebration.


An excellent trek is up the Rupin Pass. It had both roads and paths through the forests, requiring travelers to cross winter bridges, ascend waterfalls, and stroll through grasslands. It exhilarated and unquestionably brought out both the best and the worst of you as you faced your fears and fought to the very end. As well as the best gift Rupin gave was a collection of enduring recollections.