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The Best Way To Clean A FRIGG Pacifier

Cleaning and sterilizing almost everything your child comes in direct contact with is a sure way to protect your child from contracting germs. Toys and child utensils can, most of the time, collect and accumulate dangerous germs and cause severe diseases.

As a caring parent, cleanliness should be your priority. This article will concentrate on how to clean a FRIGG Pacifier.

Here Are Ways to Clean a Frigg Pacifier  

FRIGG pacifiers come in two different designs. The FRIGG classic pacifier design majorly comes with a silicone nipple with a plastic shield. Secondly, the FRIGG daisy pacifier with a silicone nipple has a scalloped plastic shield attached. Understanding the two designs helps determine the best method to apply when cleaning your pacifier. Some of the common methods to be used in cleaning FRRIG pacifiers include;   

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1. Mouth Washing


This method is best, especially if you are not near any running water. It’s also a quick method to clean germs and dirt that a pacifier can collect once it falls. Using this method, as a parent, you put the FRIGG pacifier in your mouth and thoroughly clean it with your tongue. In this case, you will opt to ingest the germs alone instead of the baby.

But while cleaning your child’s pacifier with your mouth doesn’t seem like a great idea, it may not be as bad as you think. However, if you are sick, this method may not be appropriate.

2. Using Running Water


Running water is a better method to clean off surface dirt. However, in most cases, running water may fail to remove the most stubborn germs and bacteria accumulated in the FRIGG pacifier. It’s good to note that the pacifier contains a lot of germs and bacteria, including new ones, and hence requires a thorough cleaning.

When using running water to clean your pacifier, you should use soap and a new sponge to help you clean your FRIGG pacifier thoroughly. It would be best never to assume your pacifier is clean since germs and bacteria can’t be seen.

3. Using Boiling Water


Using boiling water to clean your FRIGG pacifier is the best method to kill unseen bacteria and germs. Boiling water gives you confidence that no harmful chemicals, germs, or bacteria can remain in the pacifier during and after the heating process. 

Using this method, fill a sink or bowl with hot soapy water. Make sure your sink or bowl is clean. Use a new sponge or clean dishcloth to brush out any dirt or germs in the pacifier. Once the FRIGG pacifier is clean, you should check to see if it is in the right condition.

You should ensure your pacifier cools down completely before giving it to your child after using this method. That may take some time, depending on the temperature of the water used. You can also try to shake out trap water rather than squeezing the nipple.

4. Dishwasher or Machine Method


With modern technology, you can buy a machine to clean your pacifier. A machine can help remove the accumulated germs or bacteria while at the same time keeping your pacifier in the proper condition.  

A microwave sterilizer can also clean the pacifier and remove all unreachable bacteria. If you already have a dishwasher, you can still use it to clean your pacifier. However, using a dishwasher to clean your pacifier may take longer than other methods.

When using a machine or microwave sterilizer to clean your pacifier, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided in the manual by the manufacturer. It helps you avoid any possible mistakes or destroy your pacifier. Additionally, when using a dishwasher to clean your pacifier, you should ensure you place it on the top shelf since the heat on the bottom can be excessive and ruin your pacifier.

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5. Steps To Clean Your FRIGG Pacifier


To clean your FRIGG pacifier using boiling water, you need a bar of soap, a new sponge, and a clean dish or sink. Cleaning your pacifier may not require any skills or experience. Even if you are a first-time mum, you can easily clean and sterilize your pacifier using the following simple steps;

  • Put your FRIGG pacifier in a clean bowl or sink.
  • Pour boiling and soapy water.
  • Let your pacifier soak for some minutes, which helps to kill germs and bacteria.
  • Brush or clean your pacifier using a new sponge till it’s sparkling clean. Avoid using hard materials that can ruin your pacifier.
  • Rinse your pacifier in clean hot water to remove the soapy water.
  • Let your pacifier dry.
  • Once the pacifier has cooled down, squeeze any excess water out.

You should avoid boiling your pacifier in a pot. It is because excess heat can ruin them. However, this depends on the type of your pacifier.


Wrapping Up 


It helps if you clean your pacifier often. Pacifiers tend to collect and accumulate germs and bacteria that can be contagious to your child. It’s also important to regularly check your pacifier to see if it’s in good condition before giving it to your child. 

Faulty or cracked pacifiers can be harmful to your child. Always follow the instructions carefully depending on your method of cleaning your pacifier, especially the electronic methods. Use a clean or new sponge to clean your pacifier, as dirty ones may have accumulated germs and bacteria.