Sondai Trek



The Sondai Fort trek is approximately 9 km away far from Karjat within the Raigad district of Maharashtra. The fort was constructed close to it’s Karjat as well as the Matheran mountains.


Sondai Fort Sondai Fort was built in order to serve as a watchtower in the surveillance of its surrounding zones. The name was given to it because of at the site of its temple, dedicated to The Goddess of Sendai located at the top on the hill. The tree in front of this temple is thought to be its wall since it does not have a specific structure.


The Sondai Fort Trek is situated at 336 m, in a tiny hill fort that is more of the lookout tower. The fort is situated at the foot of two villages called Sondewadi as well as Wavarle. Sondewadi village is located at one quarter of the height of the fort.

One can have stunning views over all of the Morbi Dam, Prabalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri , and Irshal forts, as well as Irshal Fort and the Matheran mountains from the top on the Sondai Fort. There are four water tanks that are located at the fort, of which two offer drinking water. The fort also has an image of Sondai Devi on the fort’s top. The steps leading to it are only made of rock. The villager have built two ladders in order to ease the climb. The first ladder has two cisterns in its left and the second ladder leads us straight to the summit.

The Sondai Fort Trek

The Sondai Fort trek is an easy path and takes around an hour to get to the fort. The path becomes rough during monsoons because the steps on the rocks become slippery.

There are two routes that can be used to get to the fort. The route from Sondewadi is the preferred option because the one from Wavarle is a bit more difficult to approach since it goes through dense forest.

How do I reach

When travelling from Mumbai you can utilize the Sion-Panvel Expressway as well as via the Eastern Express Highway via road.

Take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway out of Pune to get to Khopoli. After that, head for Talawani via the Khopoli-Karjat highway from there.

Trains provide a better method of communication since you can take direct trains that run from Pune and Mumbai to Karjat. When you travel by train, make sure to stop on the Karjat Station and walk to the Kalyan end , before heading out on the Eastside. Sondewadi village is approximately 9km away and is accessible via an auto. A 3km walk through Morbe Dam takes towards the Sondewadi village.

You must take the seven-seater rickshaw dubbed an tumtum in order to get to the village’s center of Sondewadi or you can take the ST bus.

The village of the base camp that is used for Sondai trek is Sondewadi village. It is situated within the distance of 11.5 kilometers from Karjat. Transportation, either private or public, is readily available to get the place.

The trek area is within the Karjat region in Maharashtra. It is a single day trekking program. Amazing perspectives of the Matheran Range and Morbe Dam are the major attractions of the hike.

From the village’s base from the base village to the highest point of forts is around 1.7 kilometers. It typically takes between 2 and 2.5 hours for a typical person to complete the trek. The use of a local guide isn’t needed since the trek has been deemed to be simple.


The trek begins from an area for parking at the village at the base and follows an uphill climb of about 10 minutes to that first plateau. The next part of the hike takes us through a forest before we arrive at an area where we have to negotiate two tricky rock sectionsthat lead to the third section and is the last part of the hike. The final portion is comprised of two staircases on the route, and after that we will reach the highest point part of Sondai Fort. Sondai fort. There are several shops that are run by locals during the trek that sell drinks, snacks, fruit and lemonade.

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