Shia Quran Center

Shia Quran Center Offers Intensive Basic Quran Course for Kids & Youth

Our Shia Quran Center As the center’s popularity has increased, so has the demand for their classes and other offerings. The center offers classes to help adults learn the Quran, but they also offer an intensive introductory Basic Quran learning course For Kids & Youth. If you are interested in knowing more about this intense course, check out the information below!


The Shia Quraan Center is a rapidly growing institute that specializes in teaching the basics of Islam to children, youth, and adults. The popularity of our institute is due to the fact that we provide an intensive introductory course with classes offered six days a week for children and youth. Additionally, our classes are tailored to meet the needs of everyone from beginners who have never studied Islam before, to those with more experience who wish to gain knowledge about certain areas or subjects. Our courses are designed so that students can learn at their own pace which allows them to make progress quickly if they so desire.

10 reasons why we offer courses at our center

  We offer an intensive basic course that is designed to teach kids and youth the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation and meaning of each letter, how the letters are assembled into words and sentences, how to read an entire surah (chapter), and memorization of a few surahs.
  1. Students learn about the history of Islam, Muslim culture, Islamic holidays and practices like fasting and prayer. They also learn about the Qur’an’s role in guiding Muslims through their daily lives. 3. Our instructors are either Shia scholars or have a degree in Islamic education from a reputable university in Pakistan or Iran. They are experts on the Qur’an and its interpretation as well as modern methods of teaching it to children 4. The classes consist of group discussions, games and other activities 5. The lessons last only an hour and can be taken by both girls and boys 6. As we want our students to be comfortable with both male and female teachers, all courses are taught by a combination of male and female teachers 7. All courses are taught in English 8. There is no prerequisite for this course; interested individuals may join at any time 9. We provide students with Arabic-English translations so they will be able to read the verses themselves 10. All courses will provide participants with certificates at the end

What will you learn?

In this course, our teachers will cover the following topics in detail:
  • The history of the Quran and its revelation to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Reading and Writing the Arabic Alphabet (Naskh)
  • Basic Tenses of Arabic Grammar
  • Transliteration of the Holy Qur’an from Arabic script into Latin script.
  • Vocabulary building through memorization and repetition. – Instruction on how to read aloud with correct pronunciation. – Introduction to word meaning, sentence structure and essay writing.

What kind of students do we attract?

Many students also find that taking a class in their own native language is beneficial because Arabic can be a difficult language to learn on one’s own. Parents come with their children because they want them to have a deep understanding of the religion in order to practice it properly. The age range of our students typically ranges between 6-16, but we have had many adults take our courses as well.