Goa is small, but large in diversity. discovered by portuguese in 1500’s It is likely the most popular tourist destination in india. People from abroad visit Goa more often on winter days. Goa has the most scenic beaches, giant waterfalls, delicious seafood, spectacular markets, adventurous activities, nightlife for partyholics and many wildlife sanctuaries. 


The experience of visiting Goa is outstanding. It was a three day festival. My team was incharge of the health and safety of the visitors and they were around 2 lacs. We stayed in a hostel in vagator, which was superb if you have a low budget. They have a big hall and small hut-like compartments for one person in one bed and a shared giant washroom. After the festival we went to vagator beach, which was so stunning, the red cliffs on one side and the red sunset on the other. Enjoying the cuisine full of culinary arts in one of the hilltop restaurants watching the sunset is blissful. We explored north goa visiting different beaches like calangute and baga which are the most famous beaches in goa with numerous restaurants and resorts on the beach and their water activities.


New Year’s Eve night on Calangute beach


Spended the new Year’s Eve night on Calangute beach which was so crowded. So if you need privacy, calangute is not the option. But we enjoyed the DJ night in one beach restaurant and it was a remarkable new year’s eve 2020, though we all know how 2020 had gone. We went to Chapora fort which was a famous tourist spot. The mesmerising view of the sea from the fort is breathtaking, we did a lot of photoshoots in amir khan style as the dil chahta hai scene was shot here. The sinquerim beach is extraordinary in north Goa, the absolute curve of the coast gives a panoramic view. It is the perfect beach for swimming and for water activities. There is a fort which is stepping down to the coast line and touching the sea. The view From the fort is unmatchable. A place in Parra in north goa is popular with youths, the picturesque location with palm trees on both sides of a narrow road is a shooting location for many bollywood movies like dear zindagi, malang. When we went to Parra it was hard to find this location. You need to ask locals and give them hints about the location, then they will lead you. 


Panjim, the capital of the city with indian portuguese culture. The architectural buildings, churches and villas will take you to rome. As they say GOA, ROME of the east. The cruise ships, casinos, and nightlife are glamorous. And heading towards the south, you will find many serene peaceful beaches. If you are a fan of offbeat destinations south goa is waiting for you. Colva, Galgibaga, and Palolem are some famous beaches. You can find turtles nestling around in these beaches. 


Dudhsagar waterfall nearly 60 km from panjim is majestic. Falling from 310 ft. Is the highest fall in india. The water falling straight down looks like milk pouring down. Extremely white colour of water gives its name dudhsagar. widely covered with dense forests, dudhsagar is a popular tourist destination within 10 year.



located on the coast line of the Arabian sea. Goa cuisine is popular for its spices and flavour. Rice and fish curry is the most dominant. You will find coconut, rice, fish, pork, meat, kokum (local spices). Goans are likely dependent on sea food like shark, tuna, pomfret, mackerel and many others. some of the famous goans cuisine are. 



It is the most common diet for every goan. mango, coconut and pomfret are the main course to add in ingredients. They use kingfish instead of pomfret which looks the same but is cheaper than pomfret. It is served with rice. 



the spicy chicken dish is so delicious that it is served with salad. The green colour of chicken with chillies and herbs makes your mouth water. You can add rice to it. 



vin means vinegar, halo means garlic in portuguese.  pork, onion, potato, chillies, garlic, spices created the gravy which is mouth watering. It is a famous old dish of goa.



the multi layered cake is the most lovable dessert of goa. coconut milk, sugar, eggs, flour made this dessert a rich flavour.