Best Camping Sites in Jaisalmer-The Golden City


 Jaisalmer, also referred to as the “Golden City of Rajasthan,” is a place of breathtakingly beautiful hue. Historical forts and palaces, authentic desert living, and world-famous architectural marvels are all available in Jaisalmer desert camps. One can visit Rajasthani tiny communities that have been heavily influenced by the Thar Desert through the Jaisalmer desert camps.

In the haughty Thar desert camps of Jaisalmer, a tale of Rajputana delicacy and honour stands proudly with a fascinating history and a culturally rich legacy. The beautiful forts, Jain temple, Thar desert safari, and spectacular dunes are just a few of the attractions in the Jaisalmer desert camps. One should experience the Jaisalmer desert camps if they want to appreciate the gorgeous landscape. Quad biking in Jaisalmer is also a popular activity among visitors.

The Thar Desert

The Thar desert in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, formerly a popular stop on the Silk Road (which connected China to Turkey and Italy via India), now attracts many tourists who stay in camps among the dunes.

The desert hamlet of Jaisalmer, which overlooks a renowned sandcastle and is home to half of the city’s inhabitants, is an experience worth having. There’s something about this town that combines countless stories from the past with the present.

About Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, often known as The Golden City, is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan located in the middle of the Thar Desert. With a population of only 78000 people, this desert town is built on yellowish sandstone, generating golden hues when basked in blistering sunlight, and is known as Jaisalmer Fort.

Even in adverse weather, Jaisalmer draws a large number of tourists to its wide Thar desert, which promises timelessness, resting in magnificent and ultra-modern campgrounds, and admiring traditional dances and time of life manganiar musicians.

In addition, within a few kilometres of paths laid out by various camp teams, you may see the ruins of abandoned towns, Havelis, and strongholds, giving you a feeling of the desert’s dry, spooky, but profound history. So let’s have a look at those various adventure camping sites of Jaisalmer.

Rajputana Desert Camp 

 One of the stylish camping spots in Jaisalmer, as well as the most popular camping spot. Rajputana Resort opened in 2014 and offers a near-perfect camping experience. The camping area is within 200 metres of Sam Stacks and offers 35 canopies.

There are several types of canopies available, ranging from introductory camping canopies to air-conditioned estates. Camel safaris begin on the roof, so you will not have to worry about going to the cliché in the hot sun. There are adventure conditioning options available that may be listed and paid for on the spot.

 The Serai Camp

The Serai Camp is the place to go If you want to have an authentic luxury camping experience, try Jaisalmer camping. The resort is stretched out across 30 acres of Thar desert and has 21 large canopies. Each roof contains a resting space, a luxurious restroom, and a large bedroom.

However, you’ll also enjoy a theatre area and a sunken pool if you choose the better type of roof. There’s also a well-kept public swimming pool, relatively big dining canopies, and gym installations. All of this contributes to the Serai Camp being one of the top camping spots in Jaisalmer. 

Damodara Desert Camp 

Damodara Desert Camp can meet your demands if you’re searching for a more serene and away-from-the-crowd camping experience. All of the workers are original townies, and the resort has been hypercritically constructed and adorned with community artefacts to give it a classic feel. 

displays, separating them from the audience and loud music. 

Prince’s Desert Camp

The Prince camp is nestled against the background of the Sam Sand Stacks. People prefer Prince Camp for late-night or original hikes since it’s close to beach stacks and provides a strange experience. Likewise, Prince camp is located down from the cluster of RVs, making your stay calmer.

 The Prince Desert Camp has an aggregate of 30 canopies. Many are luxuriant canopies with opulent bathrooms and elegant décor. There’s good indigenous food available, excellent hospitality, and one of the nicest camping spots in Jaisalmer.

Desert Winds Camp

It’s one of the most affordable campsites. The campsites are located 43 kilometres from Jaisalmer Airport. There are 20 canopies on the hutment. The maturity among these canopies doesn’t have air conditioners, but each roof has ceiling suckers to give aeration.

Camel safaris, Jeep safaris, and desert excursions are just some of the effects on offer to keep you entertained throughout your visit. There are also inner and out-of-door rest gaming installations. As a result, it’s an ideal position for a family vacation.

Rawal Desert Camps

Our hutment is close to nature and away from crowds like ours. There are two types of lodging available: Swiss-style canopies and slush hoops.

Rawal Desert Camps are the place to be if you want a camping experience on a tight budget.


Summers in Rajasthan generally begin in the first week of April and run through August and occasionally into September. Summer camping is absolutely not a smart idea due to the severe temperatures. As a result, you are looking at the months of October through March. The temperature is nice, there’s lower moisture, the gloamings are windy and long, and the total experience is veritably satisfying and indelible.

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