Indian Appetizers Recipes Idea Recipe

The main focus of Indian cuisine is on strong, spicy spices, and most Indian dishes call for standard, fundamental components. It can take a lot of effort to look for simple Indian Appetizers Recipes that you can make at home. There are so many delicious and unique recipes to choose from in India that you may not even know where to start.

Put your concerns to rest for good because after reading this wonderful piece, you will have more than suggestions for delicious Indian foods that are amazingly quick and easy to prepare. With the help of this guide, you can decide which components and preparation techniques are best for you.

Let’s learn about these delicious Indian appetizers one by one.

Vegetarian Hoagie

Looking at this very simply and quick-to-prepare veggie hoagie recipe, you can feel the thrill and enthusiasm. As it has all the nutritional elements needed by an adult and a child, you do not need to worry and can let the kids enjoy themselves. This may be eaten as a snack or a meal.


Add enough cold water to cover the onion rings in a small bowl. At the same time, you prepare the remaining ingredients and set them aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the tomato, vinegar, vegetables, oil, and oregano and vegetables. Slice the baguette into four equal pieces. Pull out roughly half of the soft bread from each side of each horizontally split piece. Onions should be drained and dried.

Provolone should be distributed among the bottom pieces of the baguette before making sandwiches. Top with the onion, lettuce, and pepperoncini, if using, and then spread the vegetable mixture on top. Add the baguette tops as a covering. Serve right away.

Paneer Masala Fry

A quick, simple, healthy paneer masala fry recipe is made with paneer or Indian cottage cheese. This recipe becomes a healthier snack for youngsters when veggies are added. Although this quick paneer fry, which uses very little oil, is a great snack, you may serve it in several ways. A very well-liked appetizer in south Indian restaurants is paneer fried. So, let’s see how it’s made.


Vegetables should be washed and sliced into batons or cubes. Avoid cutting them too finely because that will make the vegetables mushy. In stir-fries, we want the vegetables to be cooked while still having some crunch. The paneer should be chopped similarly to the vegetables.

In a heavy cast iron pan, warm one tablespoon of sesame oil. It is best to use a cast-iron pan or another thick pan for stir-fry recipes. Use one teaspoon of cumin seeds to season.

Sauté the onions for two minutes after adding them.

Then add the vegetables and cook for a further two minutes.

Salt, roasted cumin powder, and chili powder are added to the season. Stir and cook over high heat. Add the paneer cubes and thoroughly combine them now. Serve the paneer fried hot.

Potato Lollipop

One of the simplest and healthiest vegetarian party snacks is the potato lollipop. Despite being straightforward, this dish tastes fantastic. This has a crispy outside yet melts in your mouth within. Add cheese, herbs, and spices to make it cheesy and tasty. This delicious cheesy lollipop is perfect for kids.


Put the potatoes in a bowl and stir in the spring onion greens, schezwan sauce, red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, and three tablespoons of cornstarch. Place 1/4 cup of cornmeal on a plate. Oil your palms, portion out equal amounts of the ingredients, and roll them into balls. 

The balls should be coated with cornmeal before being dipped into hot oil and deep-fried until brown and crisp. On absorbent paper, drain. Place the fried balls on a serving plate and top each with a colorful toothpick. With tomato ketchup, serve warm.

Sweet Corn Cutlet Recipe

Every Indian household needs sweet corn during the wet season. In addition to its many nutritional and health advantages, sweet corn, or bhutta, is a very versatile ingredient. Experience the goodness of sweet corn this rainy season in the form of fritters or kebabs, depending on your preferences.


Grind vegetables like carrots, onions, and capsicum in a food processor or mixer. Then, finely chop all the vegetables and add the corn kernels. Into a mixing dish, add the finely chopped vegetables. Red chili powder, turmeric, cumin seed, garam masala, black salt, dry mango powder, green chilies that have been diced, ginger-garlic paste, and chopped coriander leaves have now been added. Finally, everything has been nicely mixed.

Add the gram flour, stir thoroughly, and top with salt.

Depending on how wet you think the mixture is, add a gram of flour. Oil your hands, then mold the mixture into flat (Tikki) shapes. A deep-frying vessel’s oil should be heated.

Put the cutlet gently into the oil once it is medium-hot.

After being flipped in the oil, the cutlet should be golden on both sides. Serve them hot after removing them onto a plate lined with kitchen towels.

The Wrapping up

The centerpiece of every celebration is the appetizer! These Indian Appetizers Recipes selections will tantalize the taste buds. We hope you will love our guide and will make them at home. If you are looking for similar Indian appetizers, follow Spicyum and bookmark it on your browser.