Helicopter ride in mumbai

A Guide to Helicopter ride in Mumbai


In Mumbai Mumbai, it is possible to take a Helicopter Cruise all through is an excellent method of seeing the city from 7100 feet up in the air. Mumbai and its surroundings are just stunning. A birthday celebration, celebration or merriment for recommendation would be able to benefit from an Mumbai Helicopter visit.

Get sweeping views of Mumbai with a Helicopter ride in Mumbai and its shoreline from the reclining chair above.You can observe the city’s most popular hobbies according to a chance to be a part of the most amazing facts on them together, along with you on your Helicopter Ride to Mumbai Juhu price.

Darshan using the helpful source of the use in the usage of Mumbai Helicopter can now be held. The Aggregation Flying in Mumbai provides Helicopter Cruises that offer choices of 15 minutes, twenty minutes and 30 minutes and one hour.

For the best helicopter ride, choose an actual association

Although many establishments provide attractive safety tests, make sure you are aware of them prior to booking your most crucial helicopter flight. Choose a company as way to offer you an the feeling of being comfortable while also allowing you to take part in the excitement and enthusiasm of your most significant flight!

Knowing the pilot’s characteristics will assist you in deciding where you want to settle down

The pilot will be able to clearly select the plan for visitors in your most important helicopter experience. To get seats for the kind of flight, all pilots need to get their certificates and weight evaluated.

If you are taking a helicopter ride There are diploma and weight limits. The most important thing to consider is weight and no one must carry an excess of three hundred pounds. The number of travelers on the plane will also be sorted out, and each explorer will sit down and take into account the test taken by each. Secret helicopter trips that include Free Helicopters, similarly to our R44 reveal flight, could be arranged for up to a couple of passengers.

What Do Helicopter Flights Cost ?

For a four-person group for a 15-minute Mumbai Chopper ride is priced at about Rs. 10,100- based on the number of passengers with the individual.


15 minutes

Juhu Sea side – Andheri Santacruz Air terminal view — Powai Vihar Lake Film City Goregaon – Film City Goregaon and Return

The most well-known protests are those on the Juhu Sea side, Bandra, Worli Sea Association, Dadar, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Haji Ali, Antellia and many more again.

Relentless takeoff from Andheri to Pagoda, then, again thru Malad-Goregaon-Andheri-Santacruz Air terminal.


From Juhu Sea side to Andheri, Santacruz Air terminal View, Powai, Vihar Lake, Mulund, Thane, and then back through the town of film Goregaon.

Juhu Sea side – Bandra – Worli Sea Association – Dadar – Mumbai Central – Mahalaxmi – Haji Ali – Antellia – Girgaon Chowpatty – Wankhede – Churchgate – Marine Power

Juhu Sea side – Andheri – Pagoda – Essel World – water country and one turn across Pagoda Essel World in addition to then reduce to Malad and Goregaon. Goregaon and finally Andheri — Santacruz Air terminal

30 minutes

Juhu Sea side – Andheri – Pagoda – Essel Around the globe and Water State and one circle over Pagoda Essel Overall, the next is Goregaon Movie Town Goregaon Film Town Powai Lake – Vihar Lake and Lower Back with Santacruz Air terminal view

Distance to walk to Juhu Sea side, Bandra, Worli Sea Association, Dadar, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Haji Ali, Antellia, Girgaon Chowpatti, Wankhade, Church Entryway, Marine Power, and the whole Colaba region. Much like the lower area.

1 hour

Juhu Sea side – Andheri – Pagoda Juhu Sea side – Andheri – Pagoda Essel Around the World (includes: Water State and one circle over Water State with one circular over Pagoda overall then Goregaon Film Town – Powai Lake – Vashi – Navi Mumbai

Elephanta Sinkholes, Worli Sea Association, Dadar, Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Haji Ali, Antellia, Girgaon Chowpatti, Wankhade, Church Entryway, Marine Power, and the whole Colaba region and the surrounding area.

There is a possibility to enter East Mumbai for a 15-minute cruise for all durations, in case you don’t decide North. Oddly enough, Santacruz Air terminal runway wearing sports and ATC opportunities will be closed Mumbai helicopter tours for 10 15-20 30 and 1 hour-long excursions. ATC assists in deciding on and approving the guides which could put them at risk to sell something with no notification.

Flight Schedule of a Plane that is Visiting

You can book the Plane experience any time from 10:00 a.m. in addition, between 5:00 p.m. in addition, and 4:00 p.m.

Access to courses

In spite of the fact it is available and backed through the ways and procedures Aeronautics authority (ATC), that could be traded at any time without prior notice.

In terms of the effort

Each time, where you’ll be lifted seven hundred feet above ground, and enjoy breathtaking views to be able to embellish your heartbeat while you explore the whole Mumbai town.

Avionics Authority (ATC) adopts and follows the guidelines, as well as the closing time must be notified to the trader.

Famous accomplishments in transportation include among them the Juhu Sea side, Aksa Sea side, Film City (Madh Island), Gorai Sea side, Pagoda, Water Domain along with Essel World.

You don’t have to be concerned about any things other than the fact that you feel it with proven, skilled and efficient pilots in the entire system!

What you should know prior to you take an Mumbai Helicopter Ride

  • Be sure to dress evenly to prevent the pressure.
  • Please arrive 45 minutes prior to the time of the experience you have booked.
  • Thankfully, I don’t consume alcohol prior to going on an Helicopter experience.
  • The activity is not recommended to women who are older than 90 days pregnancies, people who have undergone major surgery or suffer from certain conditions that make them to be unsuitable for this activity, in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Sharp items, lighters alcohol, gear cutting edges, and certain tantamounts aren’t permitted to be used as a practical use of the individual.
  • The demands spread across the beneficial resource of use of the dominion administration must be adhered to. It is essential to maintain an open social divide, make use of hand sanitizer, then put it on an enclosure.

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