Gramhir: An Instagram profile viewer an analyzer


With the help of the Instagram analytics tool Gramhir, you can examine both the popularity of your own profile and the followers of your rivals.


The information about their prospective clients is fascinating even though you cannot see their photographs. You can use this information to determine whether your target market would be interested in your product or service.

Also, it helps you choose the ideal time to upload your pictures on Instagram so that you can reach as many users as possible and entice them to follow you or like your pictures everytime you upload one.

What is Gramhir?

The excellent profile analyzer Gramhir allows you to view and examine any account’s public Instagram data. It’s great for researching your audience to find out what kinds of content they like, who they engage with, and what they commonly look at.

Also, it offers an analytics tool that you can use to browse a list of Instagram profiles and learn more about the interactions, impressions, and characteristics of their posts.

One of its best features is the so-called account rate, which lets you know how popular your Instagram page actually is:

What’s so special about it?

With Gramhir, you can easily get Instagram data that is traditionally only accessible through the use of challenging analytics tools. The information you can find on a user’s profile when you assess an account includes the time between posts, the typical amount of likes and comments each post, and account rates.



Because the analysis is also being done in real time, you may rest easy knowing that everything is completely accurate.

Gramhir not only offers the required information but is also very user-friendly and accessible on both Computers and mobile devices. Thus, this gadget will satisfy your needs if you ever need to work while on the go. Oh, and in case this wasn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, here’s another thing. There are never any fees associated with using Gramhir.

How to use Gramhir

It really is as easy as you imagine. There are no additional procedures, such as installing software or learning how to operate a complex system, because it is a browser-based application.

  • Go to the Gramhir website
  • Type in the username or hashtag into the textbox and browse until you find the correct profile
  • Click on the profile
  • All of the previously mentioned stats should now appear on top of the page
  • You are free to utilise the information however you see fit now that you have access to it.
  • Nevertheless, we haven’t yet discussed another benefit of this instrument.
  • Also, you can use it to download Instagram content directly.
  • This is true for Instagram videos, photos, and stories.
  • Furthermore, none of it asks for any personal information from you and is completely anonymous.


Instagram stats you can access in a flash

Gramhir is a rather straightforward tool, but it can really help you forecast followers and likes on upcoming articles or perhaps for influencers you’ve thought about working with. There’s simply no excuse not to at least try it, given how easy it is and how inexpensive it is.