Definition Of “Potato Computer”

Technology is ubiquitous, and in recent times, it is hard to live without myriad gadgets. A character can have a work pc, domestic laptop, pill, private phone, work phone, smartwatch, and extra.

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Now, it’s no wonder to listen to a person raving approximately their clever refrigerator!

While technology can be ample, that doesn’t mean anybody has to get entry to the modern-day or finest fashions. Many humans have just what they want to get by.


They the usage of older hardware due to the fact they do not want to spend an arm and a leg on the new system.


Such previous or underpowered hardware may not play the best video games, might not run the smoothest software, or may not operate at lightning speed.


Even if they could run a game or software, it could be slow, and they’ll have to show off the settings.

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In any case, while someone’s digital tool isn’t up to the most stressful responsibilities, they’ll refer to it as a “potato laptop” or certainly as a “potato”.

What Is A “Potato Computer”?

A “potato laptop” is a pc that cannot without problems run first-rate games and software. Whether it is too vintage or too reasonably priced, potato computers do not have the proper hardware to function fast and provide stellar snapshots. A telephone, pill, camera, smartwatch, or any other susceptible digital tool can be called a “potato” if it’s far antique or unable to carry out certain capabilities.

How To Use The Term “Potato Computer”

In the subsequent instance, a chum wishes another friend to install a sport on his computer, but he isn’t always sure whether or not his laptop is capable of running.

Chuck: With that greater birthday cash, you should purchase a new Call of Duty sport so we can play online collectively!


Akari: I definitely would, however, I do not assume my potato pc can deal with it. I can place my cash toward a better snapshot card and greater RAM instead.


In the subsequent example, Jared takes a picture together with his smartphone, however, he is no longer too glad about how it seems.

On top of regarding something as “potatoes” or “potato device,” you may additionally check with photographs, videos, media, and device as “potato-quality.”

Your vintage pc may be able to run a more modern game, however, it may simplest be able to work with “potato-great” pics, and that’s due to the fact you’re gambling it on “potatoes”!


The next example illustrates what can manifest if you casually confer with a person else’s tool as a “potato”.

Candace did a massive incorrect right here. Unless someone has already joked approximately the fine in their virtual device, you shouldn’t name someone else’s tool a “potato.” It can harm their emotions and make you stumble as an elitist.

After all, the new device is luxurious, and those are money touchy. If a person cannot find the money for a new pill, you absolutely should not be rubbing it in their face.


As proven above, the period may be offensive in certain instances.

The History And Foundation Of The Expression “Potato Computer”

People started the usage of “potato” to express the low best of a tool in the mid-2010s. Because potatoes are reasonably-priced and unattractive, vintage equipment displays the features of potatoes. They are normally less expensive, and their portraits are plenty worse than the more modern models.

Before the use of the word “potato” became not unusual, it changed into common to use the term to refer to passive humans or animals.

Factor: You Can Be Jogging Low On Disk Area

Your hard paintings now do not desire to be a hundred% best to start appearing. IT professionals say that after your PC is seventy-five percent full, its productivity and efficiency plummeted.


So, which gadgets take up a whole lot of disk and memory area? Well, the most apparent are downloads from the internet, now consider app and software updates.


The Fix: Stay Away from Unnecessary Items


If you observe the listing of your programs, you’ll see that there may be no factor in having some packages. Periodically install programs that we do not often use, so start uninstalling them.


Always empty your Recycle Bin as it takes quite a few loads. Also, clean your critical disks regularly to make certain that the PC does not go into potato mode.

If you can not get stuff flowing, purchase more area by way of getting a physical difficult force or requesting cloud services.


Upgrade your difficult disk pressure to a better capability to shop more statistics.


Computers and laptops have become cutting-edge digital books, cellular telephones, and gaming consoles. This is the handiest natural you must enhance your storage device for all these records.