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Effects of breast reduction before and after babies: A complete guide

breast reduction before and after babies

Breast reduction is the reduction in the size of the breast with the help of plastic surgery; it is also known as reduction mammaplasty. In this process, excess fat, tissues, and skin from the breast are removed; if a woman has a breast large in size, then she might choose plastic surgery to achieve a breast size according to his physique.

Breast reduction before and after babies might help you to improve your personality; please always consult a certified plastic surgeon before going to opt breast reduction surgery. Understanding the benefits, complications, and risks of breast reduction surgery is essential.

Why is there a need for breast reduction?

A woman has large breasts in size and feels complications in daily routine work, or if she wants to improve her physical posture, she goes for plastic surgery. Some of the main reasons that compel a woman to go for plastic surgery are given below

  • Chronic back and shoulder pain
  • Chronic rash or redness under the breasts
  • Nerve pain
  • Difficulty fitting in bras and clothing

These are some important reasons that force you to go for plastic surgery. Some plastic surgery specialists do not allow for plastic surgery if you

  • Smoke
  • Have Diabetes or any other heart disease
  • Are over-weight
  • Want to avoid scars on the breasts

Can we have breast reduction surgery at any age?

Yes, you can have breast reduction surgery at any age, even if you are a teenager; when your breast is not completely developed, you might need another surgery later in life.

You have to be patient or wait some time before going to plastic surgery if you are going to give birth or if you have started to work on weight loss.

  • Why should we wait or stop before childbirth? The answer is that if you are pregnant, you should wait for a while because breastfeeding might be challenging after the plastic surgery; However, there are surgical techniques that help you to preserve breastfeeding ability, but my advice as a specialist is to wait before and after pregnancy. Breast reduction before and after babies could have many complications so be careful and always consult a certified doctor before going to breast reduction surgery.
  • Weight loss: if you are working on losing weight, you should wait for some time because weight loss can often reduce the breast size. Sometimes weight loss does not work for a person then he must choose plastic surgery for breast reduction.

breast reduction before and after babies

What are the risks of breast reduction before and after babies?

Breast reduction surgery also has the same risk as other surgery; some of the risks are given below.

  • Bleeding, infection, and an adverse drug reaction to the anesthesia
  • Scarring
  • Removal of the circular area around the nipple called areolae.
  • Difficulty in breastfeeding
  • The difference in the sizes of both breasts rattles the symmetry of the body; another surgery is required to improve your appearance.

Does breast reduction surgery cause cancer?

  • No, breast reduction plastic surgery does not cause cancer or increase the chances of cancer; it has been studied that over and over again, women with breast implants have a higher tendency to not have breast cancer; there is no relation between breast cancer and breast reduction surgery. According to different studies, the risk of breast cancer due to plastic surgery varies from 0.06 to 4%, and information on these patients about the care after surgery is limited.
  • Some people ask whether breast reduction surgery is permanent or temporary; the answer is that when doctors do plastic surgery, they remove the extra fat and tissues from the breast, and these tissues never ever grow back. Still, if a person starts gaining weight after his plastic surgery, it might increase the size of his breast with new fat.
  • Many people ask whether breast reduction before and after babies is a good idea; yes, it is an excellent idea because a woman with breast reduction surgery feels very confident and increases her self-esteem. Some doctors said it has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all the procedures.
  • It is also a widely asked question: What is the ideal age for breast reduction? Earlier in this article, we have discussed that breast reduction surgery could be done at any age, even a teenager could have surgery. Still, here we have to know about the ideal period of breast reduction surgery? This issue mainly lies in the age between 50-60 years old due to changing hormones, so this is the best age for breast reduction surgery.
  • The last and important question is that how painful breast reduction surgery is? It is not too painful, but you may feel pain or soreness in the first two or three days. Doctors suggest medicine which is very important in healing the wound in the early days.

breast reduction before and after babies