Brand Protection Agency in Saudi Arabia


Any individual or legal entity can file for a trademark in Saudi Arabia, provided they meet certain criteria. The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property (SAIP) is responsible for accepting and processing applications.

SAIP is committed to building a culture of IP and strengthening enforcement in the Kingdom. This includes enhancing IP awareness, enabling IP rights holders, and increasing the efficiency of government enforcement.



Patents protect inventions, ideas, and processes. They are granted on a first-to-file basis and protect inventors from competition from other companies. Unlike copyrights and trademarks, patents do not expire. However, they do require monitoring and enforcement. In the case of patents, it is important to understand how Saudi Arabia’s laws affect IP protection and enforcement. It is also important to note that intellectual property rights are private rights, and the government cannot claim rights on behalf of U.S. companies in Saudi Arabia.

It is also important to understand the scope of protection that patents and trademarks offer in Saudi Arabia. The country is part of the GCC patent law and customs union, which helps to harmonize IP practices across the region. In addition, the government has established an Intellectual Property Authority to lead an IP national strategy. U.S. companies must retain a local law firm and/or IP agent to assist with protecting and enforcing their IP rights in Saudi Arabia.



Protecting your trademark in Saudi Arabia requires both diligence and experience. The registration process involves several stages, and a mark must be used in a way that distinguishes it from similar marks. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in a refusal of your application. A refusal can be based on absolute or relative grounds. Absolute reasons relate to the distinctiveness of the mark, while relative reasons consider whether confusion is likely with a previously registered mark.

If an applicant wishes to enjoy the right of priority on account of a prior application filed in a country that is a party to a multilateral international treaty or in a country that has reciprocal treatment with the Kingdom, it shall support its application with a declaration showing the date of filing of the prior application and its number. When registering a trademark in Saudi Arabia, you must choose between a combined mark or a separate word and a figurative mark. A combined trademark includes both the word element and logo.

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The Saudi government does not guarantee the same intellectual property rights and scope of protection companies expect in the United States or other Western markets. Instead, most rights must be registered locally and enforced through local laws and procedures. U.S. companies need to retain their local attorneys and IP consultants familiar with the Saudi Arabian IP laws. In addition to patents and trademarks, copyrights protect a variety of works, including software, computer programs, literary work, music, art, and architecture. It is important to register these intellectual property rights in Saudi Arabia to prevent unauthorized use and prevent the loss of valuable brand equity.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) Trademark Law and Customs Law, which helps to standardize IP practices in the region. KAD & Co International is well-positioned to assist clients with intellectual property matters in Saudi Arabia. Our services include IDENTIFYING counterfeit and infringing products in the marketplace. We then carry out ENFORCEMENT action with local UAE law enforcement agencies.