laka glacier trek

Best time to visit Laka Glacier Trek


It’s the Laka Glacier Trek is among the easiest Himalayan journeys. It’s located at the bottom of the Kangra Valley, it’s positioned in the Laka Glacier encircled by the Dhauladhar ranges. It’s a famed journey that’s stylishly enjoyed on weekends because it takes two days. The hike is short, but it’s also veritably delicate. The journey is located near Mcgleodganj and it’ll likely be packed since there are a lot of excursionists who visit Mcleodganj. It’s possible to hear lots of colorful catcalls singing on the hike. However, this could be a great occasion to find the catcalls, If you’re an avaricious fowler. You can visit also Buran Ghati trek.


When is the best time to go? 

The ideal time for this hike is between March to June. There are chances to observe snow that may be left over from the pre-monsoon and downtime seasons. It isn’t recommended to travel during thunderstorm peak and downtime seasons, but still, any time is stylish time. In December it’s possible to anticipate snow to begin. 


How do I get there? 

The starting point for this journey lies at Dharamkot which is located about 2 km from Mcleodganj. You can walk to it or hire a hack or a bus from Mcleodganj. To get to Mcleodganj you’ll need to take a bus to Delhi or Chandigarh according to your position. The airfields are all three you can fly into one of which can be set up at the New Delhi transnational field at a distance of 18 kilometers. The third field you can fly to is the Pathankot field, which is close to 100 kilometers. Its Kangra field can be described as the nearest because it’s just 20 kilometers down. 


Do you have difficulty walking? 

Immaculately, this is a straightforward hike, but if you’re covering through jewels or boulders it can be slippery. It’s also a steep hike, so be conservative while hiking. Use applicable footwear to avoid accidents. 



The journey takes you to the Laka glacier, but you travel through Triund. 

The base of the journey is Dharamkot from which you begin your journey to Triund which is about 6 kilometers. The rise is an emphatic one once you get to the Laka crest. It’s a long and winding route that’s full of oak-covered timbers. There are numerous spots near the Triund crest where you could like to stay since several cafes are located here. In the evening, stay at Triund by setting up your canopies there or staying in the resthouse at Triund. The coming day, wake up, eat breakfast, and also start your journey up to Laka Glacier. While you hike up, the pitch could be bestrewn with snow. When you get to the Laka glacier, take an overview of the view and snap prints of you and the view. You’ll have to go back to Triund at the end of the day and also camp again there for the final time. The coming day, depart to Mcleodganj. 


Stuff to carry 

  • Still, there are some effects you should be sure to carry, If you’re going on a trip. This is an overview of all the particulars you could bear. 
  • A pack that’s well- erected will allow you to transport enough food for two days 
  • Wear clothes that dry snappily in the event they come wet 
  • Sunglasses, a cap, or chapeau 
  • A water bottle is essential because there are numerous water sources along the trail. 
  • An arsonist to light the night. 
  • Shoes for touring as there are some steep trails to walk on. 
  • Mosquito repellents can be employed during the night, while in canopies 
  • A trekking pole is needed. 
  • Woolen gloves and cap 
  • Socks 
  • Dry snacks 
  • Medical tackle It’s the most pivotal thing you should carry with you on your trip 


Places to visit after the journey 

Some places you could consider visiting after your journey in close vicinity include – 


  • Dharamshala is well-known for its Tibetan tradition and cloisters. There are numerous other spots in Dharamshala that you could visit similar as for case the Dalai Lama tabernacle, which is veritably well-known. 
  • Bagsu cascade – There’s the tabernacle as well as an emotional cascade you can visit. The cascade is located just 1 km from the tabernacle. 
  • Bir bill and Palampur These two hills are worth visiting if you’re near. Bir hill is notorious for its paragliding. 
  • The best time to visit Laka glacier and other areas in the vicinity is from March to June. However, take this hike, If you’re in Mcleodganj and are doubtful about what to do.