About Jicama

About Jicama

Exactly when you see an area of the solid gritty variety known as jicama, the “bean” most likely won’t be the essential thing you consider. Jicama has every one of the qualities of being a root vegetable, yet it is likewise an individual from the Fabaceae family, which thinks about the pea as the essential part. Jicama (articulated HEE-Kah-mah) doesn’t look, feel, or move like a pea or a bean, albeit the crunchy white tissue of this fixing might contain the smallest piece of flavor. This vegetable is generally utilized in Mexican food, and you can do a ton with it.

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Jicama is an individual from the bean family, yet its tuberous root is consumed and thus is in many cases thought about as one of a handful of root vegetables. Jicama is a crunchy root local to Mexico where the food is generally called yam bean, Mexican turnip, and Mexican potato. Regardless, in contrast to numerous other root vegetables, jicama has a snap to it and a juice that is new, not delicate. Jicama appears differently in relation to other equivalent food assortments to the degree that when jicama is deprived of its flavor and eaten crude; You can do nothing with potatoes.

In nurseries, jicama develops on a plant up to 20 feet tall, be that as it may, the super consumable piece of the plant is the underground bulbous root, which can basically be pretty much as little as a capability apple or as wide as two small bunches. The plant flourishes in locales where it warms over the long haul, like Mexico and South America. Zika, gathered in that region for quite a while, is as of now wild in parts of Asia and moreover in the Philippines.

The Best Method For Utilizing Jicama

The most customary method for eating this food is to strip it, cut it into strips, and slash it, generally with lemon or lime squeeze and bean stew powder. Road brokers in Mexico sell sacks of this treat, which caters particularly well on a hot day.

Since the tissue is uncommonly porous, jicama tastes perfect. Marinate it with citrus and kind of your choice and add parts of a serving of leafy greens. Then again, make it a fundamental fixing and utilize a tart dressing to prepare it. Jicama goes impeccably with greens, olives, avocado, hummus, lime, grilled fish, and steamed pork. It is cut into slim pieces and added to sandwiches for some crunch; It can likewise be utilized instead of corn tortillas for tacos.

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Making jicama is likewise flavorful, in spite of the fact that it requires a fragile touch when warmed. Taking everything into account, steam delicately, or stew until simply delicate, over medium-low power. Expecting you are making a stew or a Mexican-style soup, add it toward the finish of the cooking plan. Jicama is what could be compared to an apple on a superficial level and similar to that, you can keep that renowned crush as long as you don’t overcook it.

What Does Jicama Taste Like?

The food contains some sweet starch, which adds a bit of weight to jicama, causing it to feel all the more full, notwithstanding the way that it is still sufficiently light to promptly eat the entire root. Like the new water chestnut, jicama has an exquisite crunch and essentially nutty flavor.

Where To Purchase Jicama?

Notwithstanding the way that jicama shows up basically in Latin American cooking, you can find this food reliably in the product segment of most stores and in specialty markets.

Pick a firm, dry bulb with smooth, impeccable light earth-hued skin. Avoid jicama that is fragile to the touch or has a stained, harmed structure. The reach will likewise vacillate, going from as little as a green apple to the size of a softball. In light of everything, size doesn’t make any difference.


Store jicama entire and unpeeled in the fridge for around fourteen days, or on your counter for around seven days, with the exception of assuming that it’s in the sun or gets too sweltering in the kitchen. Once stripped, you can cut the vegetable and save it in water in the cooler for a couple of days, yet it is ideal to eat it new subsequent to cutting it.