ruinsara lake

A trek to the most stunning lake in Uttarakhand is Ruinsara Tal.


When travelers think of amazing drives, they often overlook the Buran Ghati Pass or the Rupin Pass. Discussing Ruinsara Tal, he also thinks that Har Ki Dun is an unfortunate cousin. This is a serious can also visit Sar Pass Trek

Ruinsara Tal trek is among the best treks in Uttarakhand and falls under the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National Park and is one of the best options for those tourists who are looking for an adventure trek in Uttarakhand.

The trail from Devsu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal, winding beside the Ruinsara River, is beautiful and difficult. The valley is narrow and can be excused for comparison with the Rishi Gorge of Odari Nanda Devi Sanctuary, although it is not as difficult as the latter and the array of alpine flowers on the river bank is stunning.

Trek through enchanting villages in Ruinsara Tal Trek

Walk through beautiful old-fashioned villages with a flavor of simplicity with very rich tradition and culture, there are wooden houses and the architecture of their temples is rare. This valley is breathtaking. On the first day, the ancient villages of Dathomir, Gangad, and Puwani, Osla will compete with unique village traditions, cultures, and folk dance.

The ancient temples in Pawani, Oslo have mesmerizing Himachal architecture that can engross you for a long time. Access to DhumdharKandi Pass, Black Peak Bali Pass Trek, and Swargarohini Base Camp is challenging. In June and July, the higher areas of the pass are covered with snow.

About the Trek 

Ruinsara Tal Trek is a beautiful lake in Uttarakhand. It is also referred to as the ‘Queen of Lakes’ due to its herbal beauty that can be seen from anywhere in the vicinity. The lake has numerous islands and waterfalls, which makes it even more attractive for vacationers

The Ruinsara Tal Trek is a journey that traces the course of the river Yamuna from its source in the Garhwal Himalayas to its resting place in the plains of Uttar Pradesh.

Ruinsara Tal Trek

Many travel enthusiasts head to Uttarkashi to embark on the adrenaline-fueled adventure of Ruinsara Tal, which is a natural cure for many troubled souls. Ruinsara Tal is an easy-to-simple experience that can be completed in three to four days. This fifty-five-kilometer adventure begins from the town of Taluka and begins with an easy incline that continues until you pay attention to the gurgling tunes of streams and gigantic cascades.

The ride moves generally towards the valley of the Supin Waterway, which is the higher watershed of the parcel circulation. Maintain your speed and you can make your way over lush green hills covered in bushes in no time. Take a small extension to Ruinsara Stray or move, after which you will see short repairs where the way was disrupted by avalanches and flooding.

Why take the Ruinsara Tal Trek?

Many trekking enthusiasts flock to Uttarkashi to embark on the adrenaline-fuelled Ruinsara Tal trek, which is nature’s therapy for many troubled souls. Ruinsara Tal is a moderate to easy trek that can be completed in 3-4 days. Starting from Taluka village, this 55 km trek begins with a gentle climb that continues until you hear the gurgling music of streams and walk under clear blue skies and canopies of chestnut, deodar, and plane trees.

The trek moves mostly towards the valley of the Supin River, the upper basin of the Tons River. Keep up the pace and you’ll soon come across lush green carpeted meadows amidst thickets. Cross a small bridge over the Ruinsara Gad river or stream after which you will notice short spots where the road has been disrupted by landslides and heavy downpours.


A gentle climb will take you up the side of the mountain and soon you will see a bubbling stream. A log bridge leads to the river, which is sometimes carried by a stream.

Pitch your tents here and gaze at the beauty of this tranquil lake. To the southwest is the Yamuna Kanta, a pass leading to Yamunotri in the east, the majestic Bandarpunch Peak (6,252 m) can be seen to the north. Magnificent views of Dhumadhar Kandi (5,873 m) to the east, Kalanag (6,387 m), and White Peak (6,102 m) to the southwest are the sights to be enjoyed from it.

Campsite Ruinsara Tal

Ruinsara Tal is a perfect campsite as it offers a magnificent panorama of the towering Himalayan peaks and the dense foliage of the surrounding nature. The forested sanctuary of Ruinsara is home to several species of birds, such as parrots, cuckoos, owls, minnows, buzzards, and thrushes.