vietnambased VNLIFE VNPAY 250m

A Review of Different Famous People’s VNLIFE VNPAY Corporation Series B:

VNLIFE Partnership business entity VNLIFE, a leading innovation organization leading the improvement of Vietnam’s computerized environment, has announced its $250 million Series B financing round issued by Broad Atlantic and Dragonair Speculation Gathering and added more than PayPal Adventures and EDBI. Existing financial backers GIC and SoftBank Vision Asset one also participated in the round vietnambased VNLIFE VNPAY 250m.

The speculation is to accelerate the development of VNLIFE existing organizations and support new phases and innovations to serve its dealer partners and Vietnamese buyers more conveniently. The organization plans to use the subsidy to take advantage of the large market openings in an undeniably developed Vietnam by advancing its supportive, extensive, and multidisciplinary computerized biosystems. I want to mention famous people who have given different reviews for VNLIFE VNPAY its development.

Niran De Silva Supervising Chief:

Niran De Silva, Supervising Chief of VNLIFE, said, We are delighted to invite such great names to the organization who are adding to the growth of this work. The worldwide experience and perspective they bring to our development can provide more support to aspirations, which is exceptionally encouraging. Given the country’s rapidly growing computerized customer base, the additional financing enables us to mechanically empower our business associates to keep pace with this change. It will allow us to accelerate our efforts to

VNLIFE VNPAY 250m 1b asia is on the cusp of Vietnam’s rapid adoption of modern banking, with its innovative arrangements currently being offered by its Center Monetary Innovation subsidiary, Vietnam Installment Arrangement JSC VNPAY, to the north of 40 banks in the country. VNLIFE operates VNPAY-QR, the country’s largest interoperable credit-only installment organization, with 22 million clients and 150,000 merchants.

Asia Managing Director Head Sandeep Naik:

Asia’s renowned Sandeep Naik has said to VNLIFE that Vietnam is a rapidly expanding economy undergoing computerized changes in banking, remittances, and business. We expect this support to move it forward. Development tailwinds should be taken advantage of. VNLIFE has demonstrated its ability to become the market chief in each. It is instrumental in driving digitalization and building a computerized foundation to support verticals and Vietnam’s financial development. General Atlantic is excited to partner with VNLIFE, and we look forward to helping the organization in its next growth phase.

Mr. Eric John:

Eric Jones, the partner of Dragonair, said VNLIFE is in a desirable position at the center of the Vietnamese buyers’ computerized project. By collaborating with Vietnam’s driving banks, retailers, carriers, and inns, VNLIFE’s innovation empower clients to make sophisticated purchases across their largest spending categories. Paying with VNPAY-QR is fast, secure, and accessible. We have unimaginable confidence in this group of technical experts ready to take advantage of Vietnam’s huge financial background.

Chu Swee Yeok, the President of EDBI:

EDBI Chief and Leader Cho Sui Yuk said that having made a developmental impact in empowering Vietnam’s computerized banking and installments sector. VNLIFE has created a far-reaching ecosystem of banks, vendors, and buyers, and its exceptional Model and market management systems are used. Role in addressing emerging retail and travel sectors. EDBI’s plan and organization will underpin the organization in its next phase of regional growth. They will improve capabilities in computerized installments and omnichannel business development at its center in Singapore.


Chu Yong Chen, Chief Venture Officer, Private Value at GIC, said, “We are excited to invite General Atlantic, Dragonair, PayPal, and EDBI as new investors in VNLIFE. As monumental foreign investors have poured resources into VNLIFE, the organization has developed a biological web system that continuously connects offline and online to Vietnamese buyers and sellers in media communications, retail, web-based business, and travel. Works in installments. We look forward to working closely with the supervisory staff and existing and new investors to drive the next phase of the organization’s growth.

Greg Moon Managing Partner:

Greg Moon, SoftBank Speculation Guides Through its driving innovation stack, VNLIFE has not only empowered additional financial clients to adopt versatile banking throughout the pandemic but has also used its portable installments stage to new door business can be efficiently assembled. Omnichannel retail and online travel. We are pleased to continue to support VNLIFE as they scale and expand throughout Vietnam. General Atlantic is a leading global development value firm with over forty years of involvement in providing capital and critical support to more than 400 development organizations.


Formed in 1980 to collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs and deliver sustainable impact, the firm incorporates a worldwide cooperative approach, evident area expertise, a speculative skyline, and growth drivers. Exceptional business insight with an in-depth understanding of and collaboration with supervisory staff. Conceptual organizations on all planets. General Atlantic currently has more than $65 billion in resources under management for its development value command through Walk 31, 2021, and a large number of 175 venture experts located in New York, Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, London, and Mexico. Is. City, Mumbai, Munich, Palo Alto, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, and Stamford